August 11-13, 2019OLIGO – ATELIER 19MONTREAL


Atelier 19:
A Cross Between Education & Culture

Oligo Atelier 19

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At Oligo Professionnel, education is a key element to our mission. We strive to provide enhanced training, delivered in an effective manner.

Accordingly, we developed Atelier 19, a unique event designed to elevate, inform and inspire our guest stylists, who come from all around the world.

And what better setting than Montréal, Canada’s fashion and style capital, and home to Oligo Professionnel to host this event!

This city is globally recognized as the crossroads of European flair and North American drive… a distinctive combination of French sophistication and English directness. Oligo Professionnel products are imbued with this distinctive Montréal esprit—and it is a feeling that will permeate the entire event.

So Bienvenue à Montréal! Oligo Professionnel welcomes you to an exceptional experience: an opportunity to mesh your passion to build a better business with our culture of excellence and creativity.

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